Wednesday, February 21, 2007

winding down

This module, my first ever, is winding down.
I've submitted my essay so it's too late to worry now.
This will be my last post for now.
It's been a rewarding experience and a real eye opener.
I've signed up for the next module, ned11 I think.
I should be a little more confident this time, though I acknowledge my essay writing and referencing need work.
The people who have been communicating on the notice board have been very pleasant and helpful which has made it a pleasant experience.
Keeping my fingers crossed I did enought to get through this first module.
If Cynthia reads this, thanks, It's been a pleasure.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Just recovering from a near catasrophe.
My computer went kaput!
On starting up one day I got wallpaper and nothing else. No icons, taskbar, nothing.
Thank goodness for a workmate who was able to rescue me, eventhough I lost all the things I have downloaded recently. But he did manage to retrieve all my files, which included the essay which is due in very shortly.
I stressed for days about having to start all over again and kicked myself for not saving it to my blog as I went.
Anyhow I'm back in the race. The essay isn't that good to start with so I dread to think what it would have been like if I had to hurriedly start another one.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Ploughing through my essay. Being the type that likes to keep things succinct and to the point I am finding it a bit tough to stretch out to 1500 words what I feel I could say in a couple of hundred.
But I guess this is my inexperience with studying showing through.

I'm finding it interesting searching for critical articals, as you see other peoples interpretations of the same theme.

Just got the results of my first assignment and I have to say I am quite pleased as I was very worried, again with my lack of experience.
Cynthia pointed out that my referencing needs a little work. ( I think she was being a tad diplomatic) I think it needs more than a little.

Sunday, January 28, 2007


Just suffered the consequences of not paying enough attention.
Way back I read a post on the discussion board and I thought it said that the resource document could be done on a word document if you weren't sure about web pages etc. WRONG.
I submitted it one day earlier than the final submision date and relaxed after sending the tutor a message.
I should have checked my messages, which I didn't for a couple of days.
When I did, there was a message from the tutor telling me a word doc was not acceptable and I still had time to change it. But by now it was too late.
I did quickly create a new blog and pasted it on, but web ct would not allow me to re-submit.
Lot of wasted time and effort.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Module four. Final analysis

In regard to my own future use, I would prefer to make use of both a snapshot of a web page and an annotation.
The snapshot because an image can be a quick reminder, and the annotation because, depending on the time since last use or number of utilities used since, there are times when you need to be reminded of some of the key aspects of the site that an an image cannot portray.

As far as external users go, I feel a short, succinct annotation followed by the hyperlink would be most beneficial.
There seems to be little point in directing people to sites willy nilly only to have them find out later, after wasting time browsing through the site, that it is not suitable for them or the sources are not reliable.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Module Four. Evaluating The Web
Web Teacher.
Purpose: To inform
Author credentials: Created in 1997 by two teachers and a Tech Corp. webmaster.
Content: Balanced
Coverage: Adequate
Currency: Last updated 7/9/2006
Recognition: 785 sites linked.
"People who visit this page also visit" Web for Teachers, Webopedia, W3 Schools ,, New User Tutorial, RDN Virtual Training Suite, The Digital Education Network, among others.

This site is, in my opinion, a well constructed, well laid-out site that is informative and up to date.
The site is linked to a large number of other sites and the authors are listed and their qualifications clearly displayed and checkable.
One is a professor of physics, the other a teacher of over twenty years experience, and the third a consultant in web technologies at the university of Tennessee.
The idea behind the site is to teach you in a step by step fashion how to become more familiar with the internet and to perform some basic (and some not so basic) tasks like writing HTML
There does not appear to be 'ulterior motive' to the site, i.e. it is not trying to sell any product as you work your way through the tutorial, and there are no annoying pop-ups.
The information contained in this site is aimed primarily toward teachers, with a view to developing a web-based curriculum.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

module Four. Organising search information.

The best three sources for Advanced Internet Users, in my opinion, were:

Domain Name:K12SCIENCE.ORG. Domain ID:D3122510-LROR
CIESE. Centre for inproved engineering and science education.
Created 03/09/1998. Last updated 26/5/2005
Stevens institute of technology. Hoboken. New Jersey. USA
Admin Name:Jason Sayres
IP address
Adavanced Internet User Tutorial.
This self-guided tutorial is intended to be used by those who have an expertise in the basic web browsing features. During the hands-on training that covers Basic Internet Features, it is expected that those advanced users take that time to review more complex technical features of their web browser. Those currently engaged in Basic Training are encouraged to re-visit this web site to further their knowledge about internet browsing.
(Quoted from Tutorial information page)

Saved onto my computer using pagesucker into a newly created folder, plus bookmarked using Netvisualize for quick reference.
Rocky Mountain Web Studio
Jackson Hole. Wyoming. U.S.A.
Domain ID:
Created: 28/01/2002 Last updated: 15/07/2006
Registrant: I & S Thunderhart
"Web Design, Hosting, Domain Names, Marketing and more..." (Main page)

Saved onto my computer as above.

Web teacher by Tech Corps.
Domain IDD457927-LROR
Created On:06-Sep-1997 Last Updated On:07-Sep-2006
Sponsoring Registrar:Network Solutions LLC.Maynyard. Massechussettes. U.S.A.
Admin name: Jeff Bajgot
" Welcome to webTeacher, a self-paced Internet Tutorial that puts both basic and in-depth information about the World Wide Web at your fingertips - just a mouse click away!" (From Web teacher info page.)

Saved onto my computer as above.